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Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions:

By accessing PrintX we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use PrintX if you do not agree to take all the terms and conditions stated on this page.PrintX may change or modify this terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice. You are responsible to read this document from time to time to ensure that your use of the service remains in compliance with this terms and conditions.As part of our commitment to making the PrintX platform a place you would like to visit continuously, we welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules we list below.

Legal usage:

You approve and hereby that you are able to use the platform as stipulated in the terms and conditions page.You approve that any usage for PrintX platform will be as stipulated in the following conditions:
• You will not copy, download, reproduce, republish, broadcast, or in any way send any material provided by PrintX platform except your personal data.
• Commitment the rules that will applied at any promotion shared by PrintX platform in any way.
• Commitment not to do anything that would affect the operation or security of PrintX platform or cause disturbance or damage by other users or our employees.
You agree to refrain from the following (whether by you or by another party):
• Using an automatic process for processing, monitoring, copying, or extracting any pages or any information, content or data included in PrintX platform without prior written consent from us.
• Using automated process for collecting or merging the information, the content included or accessible by PrintX platform.
• Using any automated process or trying to interfere the proper working method of PrintX platform.
• Performing any action that would imposes unlogic large load with the available infrastructure or broadband of Printx platform.
• Applying reverse engineering, reverse collection or any other work which could discover symbolic source or other calculating formula or remedies regarding computer program used in infrastructure and processes related to PrintX platform.
• Copy, reproduce, change, edit, derive works, or submit general presentation of any part of the Content of PrintX platform without our prior written consent.
• To access PrintX platform, you need an internet access. You are responsible of any connection, service or fees related to internet access and you are responsible of providing all equipment required to access the internet.
• Due to the limited capacity of all server devises and use by many people at the same time, you are obliged not to use PrintX platform in any way that would cause destructing or exceeding the ability of server devices or any network related to any of its servers. You shall also refrain using PrintX platform in any way that leads to interfere with any other party in PrintX platform in a way that violate or may violate the applicable laws, rights, legal dues to another party according to all applicable laws.

The content:

By using PrintX platform, you agree not to upload a file, print, publish in any way, or disseminate directly or indirectly on PrintX platform the following matters:
• Illegal content, defamation, or offensive disparagement of any religious or moral group, threats, infringements of privacy and copyright, violent, sensitive content, fraudulent or otherwise unacceptable.
• Content that encourages or provides instructions for criminal offense, or infringes the rights of any party, cause in any form legal responsibility and violates any of local, national or international laws including for example the legislations related to socket market in which the content was published, or any letters or documents that are stamped. if the documents were stamped, it will be printed in white and black.
• Content that causes annoyance or harassment of others.
• Content that you do not personally owned without explicit permission of the owner of that content.
• Content that may violating any patent, trademark, or trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary rights of any party.
• Content impersonating any real or legal person or causes false claim following the real or legal person in any form including us.
• Unwanted promoting materials or political campaigns.
• Third party information that violates its privacy and security including credit card numbers.
• Viruses, destructive data or other files that cause harms, damage, or vandalism.
• Illegal content based upon our absolute discretion violating any of the previously clauses causing harm or damage for us or for other users or causes legal accountability in any form.
• We do not take the responsibility of any content that users uploaded, printed, distributed or use it in any way or cause it to be published.
• We do not take the responsibility of any content that is uploaded or printed by you or any third party, or for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.
• We dont take the responsibility of any faults, defamation, disparagement, Contempt, lies, misuse, pornography or insults. also, we dont take the responsibility of any phrases, acknowledges or content provided by users. Although we are not responsible for sorting, editing or following any printed or even uploaded content.
• Using PrintX platform with violation of the terms and conditions provided here will lead to terminate or suspend your rights of PrintX platform. To ensure cooperation with the legal government orders, court summons and orders and protecting other users and our systems, we may access and disclose any information of your user file (name, email address, etc.), IP address, Credentials, usage data, and content provided to PrintX platform. We are entitled to disclose any data in advance and prior to our commitment to privacy policy clauses.
• If you have any complaints about the content uploaded, printed, or otherwise caused harm by the user, you directly agree to the complaint against this user not us.

Other websites:

You approve and hereby that we are not responsible for providing any content or website for others which you get by PrintX platform.

Intellectual property:

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in all materials and content provided as part of the PrintX platform are ours, so you are accepted to use this material or content as explained in written by us. You dont facilitate the work by you personally or by others to copy material or content, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, or use it commercially or finding other depending works. PrintX is entitled to upload legal cases for its intellectual property.

The responsibility to join PrintX:

In compliance with the responsibilities established by law that cannot be excluded, we, our directors, employees, agents, or contracting parties, will not take any responsibility as a result of any losses, damages, responsibilities, claims, and costs (including not limited legal costs, payment fees, or settlement costs) in any way or form either directly or indirectly or as a result arising from or due to getting PrintX platform by you, or content, or a third-party website, or their services in any form whether in contract, damage (including negligence) or your country law or others.


We are care about your privacy and security and by providing PrintX platform, we are obliged to save all your personal data, so we customized name box to put the name used in all our dealings.We acknowledge your commitment to all legislations protection privacy at its issuance time regarding any personal information about you that we have collected, We therefore disclaim our responsibility for any personal data you have provided to others through PrintX platform.


You approve and hereby that to compensate us or any other related authority, employees, directors, labors or any other related authority directly and upon request for all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, Including legal fees arising from any breach or violation of these terms and conditions from you or other damages arising by your using of PrintX platform.


We reserve the right to terminate your use of PrintX platform immediately if you violating these terms and conditions or in case we think that you are able to violate these terms and conditions based upon logic reasons or acting in an unaccepted manner according to our discretion.

Providing website:

Due to the breakdown or discontinuity of electronic services, access to PrintX platform is available only as it is and in its current case.We are entitled upon our discretion, impose limits or restrictions on your usage of PrintX platform. In addition, for security, technical, legal, legislative or maintenance purposes, and as a result for violating these terms and conditions we have the right to block your access to PrintX platform at any time without notice by us.


Invalidity and other, in case any court or legislature decided that these terms and conditions are invalid or in any form are not applicable, these terms will be removed from these terms and conditions. while remaining terms will be valid perfectly.These terms and conditions will be applied between us and users, and no other party should entitled to benefit from these terms and conditions. Referral, we reserve our right to refer in any form or all our rights and obligations provided hereof to third part.

Special Terms and Conditions:

PrintX is a mediator electronic platform for online printing and facilitates printing process for students, educational authorities and other beneficiaries. PrintX platform staff are professionals and qualified at the platform to handle all cases and types of printing and deal with platform as officials or contracting for fulfilling your needs.