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Privacy Policy

We ensure that the privacy and protection of your personal information are our first interests and that we are obliged to protect your privacy. Please read this policy carefully. Whereas your usage for our website shall mean your approval to the policy.

The full privacy policy shall be provided hereinafter including little main points:

o We shall not sell, rent or share your personal information with any other companies except those who need our help in your service (like providing your postal address or mobile number to third party for delivery purposes).
o When sending any form or uploading any document to our website, we assure that we use secure layer which protect your information by using the server authentication and coding data assuring that data is safe and provided for you only.

The information to be collected by PrintX platform:

o For allowing using services, you are required to provide us with your email address and password. Besides, when issuing printX order, you are required to provide personal data and other data like your name, phone number, address, payment information (including credit card information), charge data (like delivery address).

The limits of using collected data:

o Data collected from you shall be used when issuing order printX at our website to communicate with you during working hours (for example email for confirmation). Each time you issue print order, we will send you confirmation regarding your order status by using the email address registered by us. We will send you email when charging your order. Once providing your order to the carrier, we provide all your delivery data relating to delivery services to carrier.
o When printing, we dont share any personal data with services providers and other authorities. Besides we dont use your prints or share your personal information in a method differs than the show of privacy policy without your prior approval.
o The cases of disclosing your information by us, PrintX Platform reserves the right to disclose information or documents relating to or submitted by you. We take into consideration the protection of our systems and operations, including, but not limited to, compliance with judicial or law enforcement officials. We reserve the right to disclose such information or documents in the following cases: When our terms and conditions or other published guidelines are violated; you involve (or reasonably suspected of taking rewards) of any illegal activity, even without a summons, Court order in response to judicial and governmental orders, civil summonses, discovery requests and otherwise required by law; as well as a response to allegations of infringement or illegality.

Updating your data:

o If you desire to change your personal information in your database, you can do this by the side list at your account or by communicating the customer service.
Please refer to our terms and conditions section, which outlines the limits of use, disclaimers and liability restrictions that govern the use of our site.
If you have any inquiries regarding privacy policy or service in general or our website www.printx.me , please send us via support@printx.me.