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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online platform that provides online printing services for anyone who needs it (Individuals, institutions, educational entities and others) with high quality and competitive prices. Also, there are delivery services inside and outside the kingdom.
- From the home page click "sign up". - Fill out your information and click " sign up". - You will receive a verification message. In case you - do not receive a massage, check out your " Junk " or " Spam ". - Click the link to complete your registration and activate your account. - You will be redirected to the website to log in successfully.
- From the home page click " log in". - Then click on "recover password?”. - You will be asked to enter your email address. - You will receive an email, in case you don't receive a massage, check out your " junk " or " spam ". - Please click on " Reset password ". - Then you will be redirected to the website to enter your new password successfully.
There are 5 basic options for printing: • - The size of the paper such as (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0). • - Type of the paper, for example, normal printing paper, Glossy paper, sticky paper, thick paper and others. • - The color of the prints (black & white, colored). • - The side of the paper (one side or two sides). • binding options, for example, no binding, side stitched, wire binding and others.
To simplify the payment, three flexible payment methods were added: • Online payment by credit card "Visa or MasterCard". • Direct payment through Bank Cards that are supported by Mada service and have three numbers in the back which is called CVV or CVC.
- Visiting pickup points and that’s within 24 hours from the time of your order. It is a free service. You will get a message when your order is ready. • - Delivery inside Riyadh and Jeddah is within 24 hours from the time of your order. This service cost 30 SAR. • - Delivery outside Riyadh and Jeddah is within 3 or 4 working days from the time of your order through a shipping company. This service cost 37 SAR. • - Delivery outside Saudi Arabia is within 4 or 5 working days from the time of your order. The cost of this service is automatically calculated according to the selected country.
They are points set to enable the customers to get their prints for free. A message will be sent to the customers’ mobile to inform them that their order is ready in the pickup points.
Service Provider is someone who provide printing services and receive printing orders from Print X Platform so he print it with his prices that may differ from Print X Platform Prices. this service is offered to facilitate printing in the cities that our services can’t be reached except by shipping.
After you log in, you can upload the file through the following steps: • - Click on ‘’create document‘’ from the side list at the right of the page. -Click on "upload file" icon. • -Click on " preview" to see the final form after uploading. then after previewing and checking, click on print file. • -Select the appropriate paper size and complete the other options as you like. • -Click on "Add to cart". • -In case you want to add another file click on " add more items’’ and add it like the same previous steps. • -Then click on “payment & delivery". • Select the delivery options and click "continue". • -Complete the payment process with the appropriate method.
The accepted document is pdf, and you can convert many formats to pdf from your own device such as the known formats for Word and PowerPoint "docx, doc, ppt, pptx".
Yes, if you want to cancel the order you can cancel it as long as the status of the order is "pending " by clicking on the icon X in front of the order in the page " my orders " However, if the order status changed to " under processing " so it is printing and cannot be canceled.
Unfortunately the payment cannot be done on cash on delivery currently